#GLAadventure Diaries: Travel Is Not Just About Places, But Also About The People

In its over 44,000 kilometres journey, #GLAadventure made friends wherever it went! The journey is as much about the people the team met along the way, as it is about the places that were covered in this drive across the globe. Here are some people who made this journey special.

1. #GLAadventure Living Formula 1 Fan’s Dream!

At Motorsport’s Historic Venue in Monza, Italy – team #GLAadventure met Lewis Hamilton along with his teammate, Nico Rosberg. “You guys must be a bit crazy to do something like this” – that was current Formula One champion and Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton’s, first reaction as the team explained what the Great Overland Adventure really is.

Both these champion F1 drivers signed on the #GLAadvenure cars as a parting gift.

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The GLAadventure team with the German racing driver Nico Erik Rosberg, who currently drives for the Mercedes Formula One team.

2. Garrett McNamara in Lisbon, Portugal

Garrett McNamara, an American who grew up primarily in Hawaii, is a Guinness Record holder for surfing the highest wave. It was about four years ago that he did that and became a big name in the world of surfing.

Team #GLAadventure met the master surfer in Nazare, Portugal – where he had set the Guinness record. Nazare claims to have some of the world’s nastiest and tallest waves and the best season to see these waves is the winter (starting October end).

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3. Batman, Batman #GLAadventure Spotted The Batman!

The team spotted this guy at the highway while heading towards Kansas City during the North America leg of the drive. What’s interesting is the fact that this guy wrote back to the team about the secret behind the batman look.

4. The Famous Storytellers Of Marrakesh

There is absolutely nothing in Marrakesh which you cannot fall in love with! It is here that the team met one of the last remaining storytellers of Marrakesh. He narrated the story about 6 drivers, who are driving across 6 continents, covering thousands of kilometres and their adventurous journey from Turkey to the dunes of Africa. Sounds familiar?!

In Pictures: #GLAadventure in the Rose City of Africa, Marrakesh

No trip to Marrakesh is complete without a visit to the main square. It’s here you will also meet the famous storytellers of Marrakesh.

5. Legendary Car Collector – Mario Sueiras In Antigua, Guatemala

In Antigua, team #GLAadventure met the well-known car collector – Mario Sueiras. What he does is surely an inspiration! As a Guatemalan businessman, car savoring, acquisition and restoring have been Mario Sueiras’ hobby for over 50 years now. With 92 units in his possession, and counting, he enthusiastically showed team #GLAadventure his impressive collection. Our team was truly impressed!

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6. Anywhere and Everywhere, Cricket Always Does The Trick!

Love it or hate it, but you simply can’t ignore cricket! Team #GLAadventure came across a cricket club in Romania. ICCB’s (Indian Cricket Club of Bucharest) early role was non-promotional cricket for cricket lovers living in Bucharest. Now ICCB (Indian Cricket Club of Bucharest) has become the most prominent one, in developing cricket and playing a major role in promoting cricket across Romania. Playing cricket with the club members was one of #GLAadventure’s most cherished memory. The team got small signed bats as souvenirs from the members.

Great OverLand Adventure: Finding a cricket club in Romania was like cherry on cake.

7. At the Smoky Bay, #GLAadventure Enjoying Oyster Farming!

While exploring the famous Australian Outback – #GLAadventure took a halt at a small town named Smoky Bay.
Smoky Bay is a thriving community of 200 people and is located some 40 kilometres South East of Ceduna and 60 kilometres north of Streaky Bay. It’s here that the team met Colleen and Jeff Holmes, the owners of the famous Oyster farm in the town and learnt about oyster farming. It was definitely relaxing experience after a long drive!

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8. Meeting Jacob Creek – The King of Wines!

In Australia another interesting pit stop for the team was the spectacular home of Jacobs Creek wines in South Australia.

Jacob’s Creek is one of Australia’s leading wine brands. Jacob runs this brand from the Barossa Ranges in South Australia’s famous Barossa Valley.

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Team Great OverLand Adventure enjoying the company of the oldest wine cellar – Jacob Creek.

9. Rendezvous With John Hastings At The Melbourne Cricket Ground

Cricket again! In Australia #GLAadventure explored the iconic cricket stadium which is the 10th largest stadium in the world – The Melbourne Cricket Ground. Here the team met and interacted with cricketer John Hastings.

Hastings made his first-class debut in 2007 for Victoria against the touring Indians. He, however, rose to prominence with outstanding performances in all three formats in the 2009-2010 season. He is currently in the Kolkata Knight Riders team.

Great OverLand Adventure: It’s always nice to meet a famous personality; you get to learn so much from them.’ Indeed a memorable experience for the team.

10. At Indiana, Meeting Donald C. Davidson

#GLAadventure met Donald C. Davidson, who is the historian of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana, during the coast to coast drive in North America. He is also the only person to hold such a position on a full-time basis for any motorsports facility in the world.

Great OverLand Adventure: He’s the kid who never had to grow up and get a real job.

11. All Things Classic In Casablanca!

Need we say it out loud that cars are #GLAadventure’s first love?! In Casablanca, the team met classic automobile collectors – Rafik and Majid. It their beauties that had the team drooling, sample these – MINIs , Daimler and some other British cars, a Super 7 Lotus, restored Beetle and 5 classic 911s and a 356 Speedster, a line of Morgans, American muscle cars like the Mustang, a brace of Fiat Cinquecentos and three gorgeous, hugely-expensive classic Mercs.

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12. #GLAadventure drifting like a pro with Eugene Arendsen

At the Queensland Raceway in Australia, team #GLAadventure decided to get an experience of stunt driving. And who better than Eugene Arendsen – a stunt driver who is recognized in Australia widely as one of drifting’s favourite personality, commonly referred to as the “Kazakhstan Drifter.”

13. The Bollywood Fan in Marrakesh

You can be anywhere in the world and chances are you will find a fan of Bollywood there. Morocco doesn’t have much of a film industry of its own but the locals here are huge fans of Hindi movies that mostly run to packed houses. While exploring African continent, team #GLAadventure in Marrakesh came across one such ardent fan – a taxi driver who sang ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi chhodenge…’ from the classic Sholay. He went on to sing the the entire song for the team!

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