#GLAadventure In Asia: The Final Frontier

The time before the start of yet another leg of the #GLAadventure is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand there is the excitement of getting to drive through new areas, cities and towns, but on the other hand there is so much of planning and coordination to do that things get tricky and messy at times for both the hosts and the production team.

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And, as our experience over the past months shows, crossing various border check posts can be a royal pain at times, and at some of the border points on the route of the South East Asia leg, we expect it to be no different.

Coming to the details of the leg, first, the route. Well, interestingly enough, this leg of the adventure was supposed to look very different when the planning started, but due to multiple complications related to transportation of the cars from Australia, combined with paperwork issues in Asia, the final leg of the trip was much longer than we’d originally envisaged.

Ultimately, we were going to start in Singapore, spend a couple of days there, make a dash for the Malaysia – Thailand border and spend the night in a border town. Then the next day, once we crossed over to Thailand we would have to make a dash for Bangkok, where we would be joined by Sirish and Gaurav.

Both these days are going to be tricky as on both days not only do we have to cross border check posts (Singapore – Malaysia and Malaysia – Thailand), but given the distance involved, we’d be driving over 1,000kms on each day. The plan after that seemed a bit easier, we’d cross over into Myanmar after staying a night at the town of Mae Sot on the Thailand – Myanmar border, and then spend the rest of the leg crossing Myanmar before we finally crossed over into India at Moreh in Manipur and proceeded to Imphal.

Looking at the route, there were many things to look forward to; first for me was Singapore, I’d never been there before, and wanted to get an experience of a country so obsessed with cleanliness and order.

Second, of course, was Myanmar; a virtual unknown for me, it could be the secret gem of the trip, or an absolute horror, something I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Third, and most interestingly, I was really looking forward to the food that we were going to experience on this trip, I’m a huge fan of South East Asian cuisines and this trip would give me a chance to experience some authentic fare!

Of course, like any road trip, there were also a few trepidations, first among all of which was the weather. We are going to be travelling through the region in the middle of a rather massive monsoon and the resulting conditions could get tricky. In fact, the real fear of the monsoon lay in Myanmar and North Eastern India, where landslides, road blockages and washing away of bridges is a common occurrence in the monsoons. But, given the sights the region promises, and the food that we have the possibility of devouring, I was looking forward to taking a risk or two for a couple of weeks and 5,000kms.

I was really looking forward to the food that we were going to experience on this trip, I’m a huge fan of South East Asian cuisines. - Ishan Raghava
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