50 Shades Of Blue: 10 Places From Around The World For Water Babies!


B.E.A.C.H is the ‘Best escape anyone can have’ quite literally. Forget beaches, if all you need in life is a picture perfect view of crystal clear water in a beautiful natural setting, then head straight to these top 10 places on #GLAadventure’s list.

1. Gold Coast, Australia – A destination which is as scenic and peaceful as it is fast paced and active

Gold Coast is one place which will keep any traveller busy – bursting with things to do, attractions, activities, theme parks, world-renowned beaches and year-round sunshine; the place gets some 10.5 million visitors each year.

#GLAadventure’s recommendation: You simply cannot afford to miss ‘Surfers Paradise’ beach. Energetic, enthusiastic, electric, eclectic – these are just some of the words that sum up this scenic place!

2. Lake Tahoe, USA – A Winter Wonderland!

1,646 feet deep, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and tenth deepest in the world. Sure, it is a pretty sight at winters, but one can enjoy its picturesque outdoors in the summers as well with Lake Tahoe summer activities – Jet skiing, parasailing, boating and rafting.

In winters apart from soaking in the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe one can enjoy Snowmobiling as well.

3. South Beach in Fremantle, Perth, Australia – A family-friendly Beach

#GLAadventure’ Continues Its Australia’s Outback Journey And Heads To Perth

With casual cafes, picnic areas and views of Rottnest, Carnac and Garden Islands, this place is just perfect if you want to spend some peaceful time in the lap of the nature. We bet you will thank team #GLAadventure later!

4. Lisbon, Portugal – It’s All About Surfing Here!

This is the place where Garrett McNamara set a Guinness World Record in 2011 by riding a 78-foot wave off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. For all the surfers out there, this place is a delight. It’s only here you will see some of the biggest wave. Watersports aside, it’s also a place blessed with scenic beauty.

5. Lake Como, Italy – An Idyllic Retreat!

Autumn in Lecco, Lake Como

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As a tourist destination, Lake Como is popular for its landscapes, wildlife, luxury villas, swanky hotels, great restaurants, spas, sailing, windsurfing and Mediterranean-like climate where sub-tropical plants that grow all the year round. Shaped like an upside-down letter Y, Lake Como (Lago di Como in Italian) is a lake of glacial origin.

All you have to do is hop on to a wooden boat and start exploring this magical place.

6. Head Of Bight, Australia – Whale Watching At It’s Best

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It is a popular place to see hundreds of whales all the year round. Think crystal clear spring water and whales jumping in and out! Clearly the main activity here is whale watching but at other times the Head of Bight is worth visiting for its picturesque views. It’s here you will see Bunda Cliffs in all their striking glory. P.S This area is bound to generate some great holiday snaps!

7. Antigua, Guatemala – Life Is A Beach Here

Built 1,530.17 m above sea level in an earthquake-prone region, Antigua is a fabulous city for a leisurely stroll. The crystal clear water makes this place an ideal location for snorkeling.

Filled with rare beauty, major historical significance and vibrant culture, Antigua remains Guatemala’s must-visit destination.

8. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – The Caribbean Coast has something for everyone, it’s here you will find your paradise!

Need some "me" time? Come to Puerto Viejo.

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The main town on the Caribbean is Puerto Viejo, the sand may not be the best, but this is the place where one can soak in the best of Caribbean. #GLAadventure’s recommendation to get the best action you should visit the place during day and night time.

9. The Great Ocean Road, Australia – One Of The Best Place To Drive

If you ask #GLAadventure to name a road trip route, this place will certainly be the first on their list. Wind around the coastline between Melbourne and Adelaide and admire the stunning ocean views and Twelve Apostles – only eight survive now.

This road was built by soldiers who returned between 1919 and 1932 and is dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I. It is also the world’s largest war memorial which provides access to several prominent landmarks such as Twelve Apostles, London Arch and the Arch.

10. San Francisco, California – A Place To Fall In Love With The Fog

have you been to this beach yet? More photos from here coming soon to 👉 @azvea

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San Francisco, a city on the tip of a peninsula and is commonly known for its hilly landscape, year-round fog and the iconic Golden Gate. The place is famous for its fog, and that fog comes in through the ocean so even on the warmest days of the year, a chill can usually be felt in the ocean air.

Not too many people choose to go for swimming in the beaches here, and those who do often wear wetsuits to keep out the cold. But the picturesque sights and sounds here are itself an adventure for any traveller.

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